NFC Business Cards.

carte de visite nfc caen normandie - impulsio - les communi'caen

One card. Unique.

Enjoy a prospecting tool that combines simplicity, speed, performance, and environmental responsibility.

The NFC business card will allow you to replace the hundreds of paper business cards that end up in the trash 90% of the time.

Through this simple and intuitive operation, give and receive your prospect’s contact. A simple gesture that speaks volumes about you.

Features far beyond.

Your business evolves, so do your cards. Update all data at any time, completely autonomously.

Edit your PDF files, videos, links, or even the contact information in case of turnover. All through your Impulsio access.


Why trust Impulsio ?

Environmentally responsible.

Support your CSR approach by reducing or stopping the use of traditional business cards that end up in nature every year, polluting our environment.

Integrated CRM.

Find all the contact details of the people you’ve met. You’ll know who you’ve given your contact to, on what day, at what time, and at what location. All data is exportable to any CRM.

Complete management.

Take advantage of Impulsio to manage your fleet of NFC business cards completely autonomously. Customize each of your contact pages to suit you.

Compatible with everyone.

These business cards are compatible with all phones equipped with NFC (over 98%). Otherwise, you have the digital version in your phone’s Wallet.

List of NFC-compatible phones.

Statistical tracking.

Access all statistics related to your fleet. The most clicked links, the most used cards, and the most downloaded contacts! Providing you with a comprehensive overview of your cards.

Scan localization.

Access the map to view the locations where you prospect the most. You have access to this map either globally or by user.

carte de visite nfc caen normandie - impulsio - les communi'caen

All your cards, one single place.

Control all your cards and manage various accesses, contact information, prospecting, and customization.

Access all card-related statistics on your dashboard.

The number of scans, top devices, favorite links, and people met to accelerate and make your prospecting more efficient.

More than just a business card and an application, it’s a true exchange accelerator.

Trust those who have adopted it.

and over 180 others...

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